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Q. The design document cannot be saved / The work will not be saved

A. In the process of creating the design, the storage function may not work due to a temporary error or a home page failure.

At that time, I will guide you on how to save it as a detour for preserving design work.


💡 If you can't save it due to a homepage failure, make sure to keep the work screen until the homepage is restored,

After normalization, you can proceed in the order guided below!



1️⃣ Keep your work screen and open a new tab in your browser to create a new document.

*You can open a new document as soon as you type [ https://www.miricanvas.com/design/ ] in the address bar of the new tab.



2️⃣ On the new tab, "empty the cache and refresh strongly".

Press the "F12" key on your keyboard and right-click the refresh button on your browser.

You can "empty the cache and refresh strongly" in the order above.

* Please note that any normal "refresh" or "strong refresh" can repeat save errors.



3️⃣ Copy and paste your work from the Existing Tasks screen into a new document.

*Copy (Ctrl+C) the elements of the existing task screen using the shortcut key and paste (Ctrl+V) into the new document.



4️⃣ Save the new document that you moved your work to.

*Once you have moved and saved all your tasks to a new document, you can exit the existing tasks screen.

*And you can check the saved documents in the workspace.


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