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Q. Where are downloaded files saved to on an iPhone or an iPad?

A. When using an iPad or an iPhone, you can find out the download location using the File app or the Photo app (depending on the download method).

See below for more information on download methods:


✅ Downloading from an iPad or an iPhone



1. ClicK [Download] at the top of the editor to download the file.

2. Once downloading is complete, an iOS download confirmation window will appear separately from a Miri Canvas download confirmation window.

Tap [Download] on the download confirmation window.

3. You can open downloaded files from the download list next to the address window.

If you want to look for a downloaded file later, use the File app.



✅ If the iOS Download Confirmation Window Does Not Appear



Occasionally, iOS will open the image in a new tab instead of displaying a download confirmation window.

If this occurs, tap-and-hold on the image and save it. Saved images can be found on the Photo app.

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