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I have run out of storage space and cannot upload elements (photos, illustrations, images, etc.).

My Drive storage space of a workspace is 1GB under free plan. If you used all the storage space or the element you are trying to upload is too big, you will not be able to upload that element.


In this case, delete unused elements to free up space or upgrade to the Pro plan to receive 10GB of storage space.


* My Drive’s storage space applies to uploaded elements only and is not affected by design documents. Therefore, you only need to remove unused elements to free up the space. (The recycle bin also has to be emptied.)



1. Organizing Unused Elements


1) Checking Storage Space Use

Click the editor’s [Upload] menu and then the (Info) icon from the upload list to check your storage space use.


2) Deleting Elements

Click workspace page’s [My Drive] and then [Design Element] tab. Select elements you wish to delete and click on the recycle bin icon.

* Hold down the Shift key and click to select multiple elements.



3) Emptying Recycle Bin

Navigate to the workspace page, click on the [Recycle Bin] menu, select the elements you wish to delete permanently, and click [Recycle Bin]. When a popup prompting you to confirm permanent deletion, click [Delete Permanently].


* Empty Recycle Bin permanently deletes all documents and elements contained in the recycle bin. Permanently deleted elements and documents cannot be restored and should be deleted with care.



2. Upgrading to Pro Plan

Please refer to Activating and Deactivating Pro plan.

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