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Workspace Transition / Shared Drive Usage Guide

The 'shared drive' provided for each workspace is a collaborative space shared among workspace members.

If you want to collaborate with members, create a 'shared drive' and set up members' access rights to use it!

※ The feature to set access permissions for 'shared drives' by member is supported in the Pro / Enterprise plans.



*️⃣Go to workspace

A workspace is a storage space owned by each account.

Upon logging into the homepage, you will be directed to your workspace, and you can navigate to the workspace from the editor's main menu.


[ Go to workspace from homepage ]


[ Go to workspace in the editor ]



*️⃣Switching workspaces

You can own multiple workspaces with one account, and you can be invited to another account's workspaces!

On the workspace page, clicking the workspace name at the top left allows you to view and switch to other workspaces.



*️⃣Create and manage shared drives

The workspace owner or administrator can create a new drive on the left in the order [Shared Drive > Create Drive].

※ The number of 'shared drives' can be created per plan is limited.

  Free Pro Enterprise
shared drives 1 10 100


Once you create a drive name and click the 'Create' button, you can add members in the following window to set access permissions.

*To add a drive member, first invite the member from the [People] menu on the left side of the workspace.

💡Please read it!

  • In the free plan's workspace, all members become administrators of the shared drive. It is not possible to invite members to drives or assign roles individually.
  • You need at least "Edit" drive permission to move a design or content stored on My Drive to Shared Drive.
  • Click here to see permissions for each 'Shared Drive' role.


You can modify, color change, and delete drive members by clicking the More (···) button on the created drive.

*However, it can only be deleted if there is no folder, design, element, etc. on the drive you want to delete!



*️⃣Create a folder

Shared drive managers and editable members can create folders and organize and manage designs, images, and videos by folder.

Go to the shared drive where you want to create the folder and try adding it using the Add Folder button.


If you click the More(···) button of the folder you added, you can rename it and move it to the trash bin.


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