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Workspace Switch and Shared Drive Use Guide

※ Setting permissions for each Shared Drive is supported with the Pro and Enterprise price plans and under the Edu version only.



✅ Workspace Switch Method

Click on the switch button at the top left of the workspace to switch to another workspace you belong to. 




✅ Shared Drive

Shared Drives are spaces where designs and elements common to members belonging to the workspce are saved to. 



Workspace owners and administrators can create a new drive by clicking [Create a Drive] on the top right of Shared Drive.



Shared Drive administrators can click on the [···] button of the created drive to add members to a specific drive.

* Add members by choosing members from the [People] menu to the left as shown below:



You can click on the [···] button of the created Shared Drive to delete.



However, deleting is only possible when the drive does not contain any folder, design, or element. 





✅ Creating a Folder

Shared Drive administrators and members with the edit permission are able to create folders within the Shared Drive and organize and manage designs, images, and video clips using folders.

Navigate to the Shared Drive you wish to create a folder for and click on the Add a Folder button to create a folder.



 With the mouse pointer placed over a folder, click [···] to rename the folder or discard it in the recycle bin.

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