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Q. I can't see the design I saved / my design is missing

Q. I can't see the design I saved / my design is missing
A. Sometimes, you can't find the document because of the confusion of how to use MiriCanvas.
Check out the representative causes and solutions below for the above.

1️⃣ Confusing the workspace where documents are stored while using multiple workspaces


The design is not stored in a MiriCanvas account, but is stored in a workspace associated with that account, and multiple workspaces can be created and used with one account.

On the workspace page(click), click the Switch workspace button in the top left to see the list of workspace you are using!




2️⃣ Confusing the accounts where documents are stored while using multiple accounts


More than half of the inquiries that the document is not visible are when you used multiple accounts after signing up and confused the accounts.

Make sure you've signed up with an account other than the one you're currently logged in to by "I Forgot my Password" on the login window!



If you enter your email address, you can check whether it's a registered account or not, and if it's a registered account, you can get a temporary password and log in.

If you have a temporary password, you can "Sign in with email". 😊


<If your account is registered>

<If your account is not registered>



3️⃣ Overwrite with another design and save


Sometimes when you open your saved design documents, you may think that if you work on another design and change the design title at the top of the editor, the new design documents will be saved.

The above method is to overwrite and save the new design in an existing saved design document, and to rename an existing saved design document, which is not how a new design document is created.


If you don't have some design documents, it's likely to be the case above, so check out the previous save history of the design documents in the order below!


1. Please open the design document to check your save history.

2. You can view the previous save history of the current document in the order [Full Menu > Version History] on the left side of the editor.

3. Please check your save history and restore it to the desired history.

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