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Q. I can't see the design I saved / my design is missing

Sometimes it can be confusing to find your design.
If you saved a design and can't find it, check the following:
1. Check if the logged-in account is where you saved the design.
More than 90% of the inquiries about the lost design are attributed to confusion caused by using multiple accounts. So if the design disappeared, check if you signed up with different account.
2. Check if the workspace you selected is the one where you saved the design.
You can create and use multiple workspaces in your account. Since the designs are saved and stored in the workspace, not the account, a different list of designs will be displayed depending on which workspace you choose.
3. Check your work history.
Changing the document name on the editor, doesn't mean that you are creating a new document.
If you continue to work on an existing design without creating a new design, it will be overwritten and you will lose what you saved before. Check out the design you saved in the past in 'Work History' on the editor > file. 
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