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Q. All my designs are gone / The designs I saved are gone.


Did all the designs suddenly disappear one day? 🤔


You may have mistaken the workspace where you saved the design, or you may have been signed up with multiple email addresses and confused your account!

Check it out in the way below!



*️⃣ First, check your workspace.


The design is not stored in a MiriCanvas account, but is stored in a workspace associated with that account, and multiple workspaces can be created and used with one account.

On the workspace page(click), click the Switch workspace button in the top left to see the list of workspace you are using!



You can switch by clicking on the workspace name you see in the list, so check if you saved the design in another workspace.



*️⃣What if you don't have another workspace, or if you don't have a design in another?!


Please check if you signed up with another account!

Mixing and using MiriCanvas' various login options can create multiple accounts.

In fact, more than 90% of the inquiries that the design has disappeared are attributed to confusion caused by using multiple accounts.

So use the temporary password issuance method in the login window to check if you signed up with another account!



If you enter your email address, you can check whether it's a registered account or not, and if it's a registered account, you can get a temporary password and log in.

If you have a temporary password, you can "Sign in with email". 😊


<If your account is registered>

<If your account is not registered>



📢 Wait! I want to confirm which email address I signed up with.


1. After logging in, click the Profile button in the upper right corner of the workspace to confirm


2. View in the workspace by [Settings > My Account]

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