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All my designs are gone / The designs I saved are gone.

If all your designs disappeared in the span of a day? 


You may have mistaken the workspace where you saved the design, or you may have confused your account by signing up with different email address. There is a high possibility that you have mistaken the workspace. Follow the below instructions to find your designs. 


First, make sure that the workspace you chose is the workspace that has the design you are looking for. You can create and use multiple workspaces in your account. Since the designs you saved are stored in the workspace, not the account, a different list of designs will be displayed depending on which workspace you choose.



Click the 'Switch workspace' button on the top left corner of the workspace page(www.miricanvas.com/workspace/) and see if the design is on other workspaces.


If you've checked every workspace and still haven't found a design? Check if you used multiple accounts and confused the account where you saved the design.


More than 90% of the inquiries are caused by confusion due to using multiple accounts. So if the design disappeared, check if you signed up with a wrong account. If you are not sure which email address you used to create the account? You can find out whether your email address is registered as a member of MiriCanvas in advance by typing the email on the 'Find password'.





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