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Q. Can I use all the fonts provided by MiriCanvas?

Q. Can I use all the fonts provided by MiriCanvas?

A. The available fonts may differ depending on the plan you are using.


All fonts provided by MiriCanvas are provided with formal contracts with affiliates or with permission to use them, so you can use them freely when creating designs in the MiriCanvas editor.


However, the premium font with the crown mark on the thumbnail is only available in the workspace where you are using the Pro or Enterprise plans.
If you want to use premium fonts, please upgrade the plan in your workspace.


In addition, premium fonts can also be included in templates available in the free plan, and the font with the watermark inside the template is the premium font.
If you want to use it for free, you can delete the premium font and replace it with another one!


To keep the font used in the template intact, upgrade the workspace to the Pro plan.

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