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I would like to change my email address.

The email address you used to sign up with MiriCanvas becomes the account’s ID and cannot be changed.

If you wish to use MiriCanvas using a different email address, create a new account with that other email address.

There are two methods of migrating designs to a new account.


1. Transferring Workspace Ownership

Transferring the ownership of a workspace linked to an old account to the new account lets you view and edit designs under your new account. 


1) Log into your old account, navigate to the Workspace page, and transfer all designs and uploaded elements in “My Drive” to “Shared Drive”.

2) Click “Member Invitation” under “People” and invite your new account as a member.

3) Check the inbox of the email address you used for your new account and accept the invitation.

4) Find the new account from the “Member” list and click on the “More” button next to it to transfer ownership.


After transferring workspace ownership, remove the old account from the member list. If you are not planning on using the old account, simply close the account. 


* When removing a member, all design documents contained in that member’s My Drive are deleted permanently. Accordingly, make sure to move all designs from My Drive to Shared Drive when transferring workspace ownership.


2. Moving Designs via Web Posting/Sharing

Use Web Posting/Sharing to copy designs from your old account to your new account. See here for detailed instructions.

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