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Activating and Deactivating Pro Plan

Pro plan offers more templates, contents, storage space, and features. For more information about the Pro plan, see the Plans page.



How to use Pro Plan


Pro plan can be used as a monthly subscription or an yearly subscription. To activate Pro plan, follow below steps. * To activate or deactivate Edu or Enterprise plan, you need to submit a separate application form.



① Log into MiriCanvas.

② Switch over to the workspace you wish to upgrade.

③ From the workspace, click [Settings].

Click [Subscription Settings] and click [Start your free Pro trial] under “Current Plan”.

* For the first month of Pro plan, you can use it for free (trial period)

From the popup window, select 'subscription type' and your 'payment method'.

* Select [Yearly Payment] to receive a 10% discount. 

⑥ Read and click 'I agree to the folowing' and click “Start Pro for free” to start your Pro plan.



💡Please Read!

With monthly and yearly subscriptions, payments are made automatically each month or year via the registered payment method. (e.g., If payment started on June 1, payments are made regularly on the first of each subsequent month. With annual subscriptions, payments will be made on June 1 of the following year.)

To block next month’s payment, please end your subscription prior to the regular payment date. 



Deactivating Pro Plan


If you wish to end payments starting with the next payment, deactivate your subscription before your next payment date. You can deactive the subscription as follows. * If you are using the trial version and cancel a day prior to end of the trial period, you will not be billed. 


① Switch over to the workspace that is under the Pro plan.

② From the workspace, click [Settings].

③ Click on the “Click here to cancel your subscription” link under “Current Plan”.

④ Specify your reason for subscription cancellation and click [Next].

⑤ Continue until the end of the cancel pop up. 



💡Please Read!

Fees are billed on a monthly or yearly basis and paid in advance. Therefore, a refund for the period that you used cannot be processed. (Check terms of use) Even if you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to continue to use the Pro plan for the remaining period until the next payment date.


After Pro Plan Deactivation


Once you cancel your Pro plan, you will be able to continue to use the Pro plan for the remaining paid period. Once the remaining period ends, the workspace will be downgraded to the free version.


Even after being downgraded the workspace will retain all previously uploaded elements and templates, members, shared drives, and documents. However, you will not be able to change member permissions or create a new Shared Drive.


In addition, features such as background removal, feedback, approval and editor control will no longer be available after being downgraded to the free version. 


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