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User Invitation Feature Use Guide

With the user invitation feature, you can share designs saved in the workspace’s My Drive with other members.

Invite members from the same workspace, assign them roles that allow them to make edits, and design together.

*Click “here” for instructions on inviting members.



✅ User Invitation Feature


1. Open a design saved in the workspace’s My Drive and click the Share button located at the top of the editor.



2. In the User Invitation popup window, enter the name or email address of the member.

Select the role of the member you wish to invite (Can Edit, Can Give Feedback, or View Only) and proceed to invite the member.



💡Above feature can also be used using thumbnail’s [More [···] > Share].





✅ Confirming Invited Designs


You can review member invitations via “User Invitation” using the workspace’s alert feature.



Click on the alert button at the top right of the workspace and then on an invitation to launch the corresponding design’s editor.



It’s possible to check and edit the design from the launched editor and to check the history of changes from [File > Work History].



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