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Workspace Use Guide

Following is an explanation of Workspace, which is where designs are saved to. 

There are two methods of checking Workspaces.



1. Checking from Workspace.

The first page that appears after connecting to a Workspace from the home page is the Workspace.



2. Launching Editor and Using Left Menu

The left menu that appears after launching the editor includes a Workspace option.




Above two methods are slightly different from one another.

Okay! Let’s find out more about Workspaces. 

My Design: Collection of all saved documents.

My Drive: Holds design documents and uploaded files. You can organize these files by creating folders.

Recycle Bin: All deleted designs and files end up here and are permanently deleted after thirty days.



✅ Workspace’s Workspace


<My Design>


Click on a saved design document to launch the editor.

Position the mouse pointer over a design thumbnail and click [... ] to access various features.

You can create a copy, rename the document, and share it with others.


<My Drive>


There are buttons that do not appear in My Design. 


________.png Adds a folder.

_______.png Uploads a file.

________.png For brief or detailed view of document list.



✅ Editor’s Workspace



Click on the thumbnail of a design document that appears to overwrite it onto the current page.

This does not import the document itself but instead overwrites the document’s design onto the current document. 



To import the design in its actual saved size, use the “Overwrite This Template” feature.



The “Edit Original” feature launches a new window and lets you edit the original design document.

Make and save changes in the new window to update the original document.

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