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[2024.06 MiriCanvas Updates] Create Presentations Easily with AI, from Content to Design!

Hi there, it’s MiriCanvas.

In June, as summer approaches, new updates have come to Miricanvas.


✅ Introducing AI Presentation that Completes Your Presentation Automatically with Just a Topic

This month, we have added an AI presentation feature.

This feature allows you to easily create the content you want.

It can be used in various fields such as presentation planning, advertising copy, and fairy tale scenarios.


Various examples that you can try right away are also provided, so give it a try!

Please specify the topic you want and the number of pages for the presentation, then click the 'Create Outline' button.

You can edit or add content to the outline created by AI. Next, select the design template you want and click the 'Create' button.

Please review the content of the completed presentation.


✅ Recruiting Beta Testers for the Miricanvas Mobile App!


The menu that used to open from the left side now opens at the bottom, giving you a wider view.

You can also browse templates and add elements with one hand to quickly add them to your canvas.

You'll also find the Upload, Photos, Backgrounds, and more menus easier to access, so check them out on mobile!


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