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[2024.04 MiriCanvas Updates] Edit anytime, anywhere on Mobile!

Hi there, it’s MiriCanvas.

We’re excited to announce the launch of MiriCanvas for Mobile Web!

With our updated mobile experience, it’s now easier than ever to design on the go.


✅View templates and elements with your entire screen

Property 1=1 (1).png

The menu that used to open from the left side now opens at the bottom, giving you a wider view.

You can also browse templates and add elements with one hand to quickly add them to your canvas.

You'll also find the Upload, Photos, Backgrounds, and more menus easier to access, so check them out on mobile!


✅Edit photos and elements easily from the bottom panel

Property 1=2 (1).png
At the bottom, you can check and edit properties like colors, filters, and animations right away.

Use the Nudge menu to make small tweaks or the Select menu to edit multiple elements at once.

Continue editing your PC designs seamlessly on mobile.


✅Share your designs directly on social media channels!

Property 1=3 (1).png

You can share your designs on social media with friends and your network.

Use the Social Sharing feature to showcase your designs to a wider audience!



Q: I don't see all PC features on mobile. Are they all available?

A: We're currently working on bringing features like My List, AI, Creator, and more to Mobile Web. We’ll be adding the features soon.


Q: Elements and templates don't have a More button. How can I check detailed information on elements?

A: You can check an element's information by long-pressing on an element, template, or photo. You can also do this to find similar templates and photos.


Q: MiriCanvas seems to buffer and lag on mobile. Why is that?

A: MiriCanvas Mobile Web may experience some lagging on devices with 4GB of RAM or less. If you experience lagging, please close all other apps in the background.



That's all for April's MiriCanvas Updates.

We hope you're excited about the weather warming up!

We'll be back with something even easier and more useful in the next MiriCanvas update.


Stay tuned for the next update!

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