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(Subscription) When I subscribe to Pro in the MiriCanvas app, what's the difference with the web?

When you start a subscription in the MiriCanvas app, there are a few things that are different than on the web.


  PC/Mobile Web iOS/Android App
Subscription Plan
  • Pro Monthly
  • Pro Annually
  • Pro Monthly
  • Pro Annually
Coupon/Subscription Voucher Available Not Available
Payment Method

Depending on the IP/Currency

  • KRW
    • Naver Pay
    • Kakao Pay
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    • Credit Card
App Store / Play Store in-app payment 

Number of workspace available to subscribe


(Using in-app payment method) 1

*Unlimited through a mobile web

Number of subscription workspace member 



Add Member Available Not Available (Only in free workspace) 
Purchase premium content Available Not Available
Changing payment currency Available (USD -> KRW) Not Available


Q. What subscription plans are available for the MiriCanvas app?

Just like on the web, the MiriCanvas app comes with a monthly subscription that is paid monthly and an annual subscription that is paid annually. For educational products such as Edu/Edu+, or enterprise products, please contact us separately through the respective links.


Q. MiriCanvas web and app has different subscription prices.

The MiriCanvas app's pricing includes a App Store fee in accordance with the App Store or Play Store payment policy. Fees vary depending on the store's policy, so please check with each store for details.


Q. Can I only subscribe once through in-app purchase?

The App Store or Play Store limits subscriptions through in-app purchases to one per store account.

For example, you can't create a new subscription with the same store account in the following situations.

  • If you're subscribed to workspace A with an in-app purchase, you can't subscribe to workspace B.
  • If you have a subscription on your A MiriCanvas account with an in-app purchase, you can't get a new subscription on your B MiriCanvas account.

Because you're limited to one "subscribed" product, if your subscription expires or if you unsubscribe from the workspace or account you originally subscribed to, you'll always be able to subscribe via in-app purchase in any other workspace.

If you already have a workspace subscribed to with an in-app purchase and would like to subscribe to it in a new workspace, please use MiriCanvas PC/Mobile Web.


Q. I have a payment method that I registered on the web, but it was charged as an in-app purchase through the store.

Due to the policies of the App Store or Play Store, the app only supports in-app purchases through the store. If you want to use other payment methods, please use MiriCanvas PC/Mobile Web.


Q. Can I use coupons or subscriptions in the MiriCanvas app?

Unfortunately, the MiriCanvas app only allows you to pay for recurring subscriptions and does not allow you to redeem coupons/subscriptions. To redeem coupons/subscriptions, please use MiriCanvas PC/Mobile Web.

*If you have a subscription through the App Store or Play Store, please cancel your existing app payment and subscribe via the web to avoid double payment.


Q. Can't I purchase premium elements individually in the MiriCanvas app?

Premium elements are currently not available for individual purchase in the MiriCanvas app. If you want to purchase premium elements individually, please use MiriCanvas PC/Mobile Web.


Q. Is the Add Member feature not available in the MiriCanvas app?

Unfortunately, the ability to add members is only available for free workspaces in the MiriCanvas app, so if you'd like to take advantage of this feature, you'll need to subscribe via MiriCanvas PC/Mobile Web.


Q. Is it not possible to change the currency from USD → KRW in the MiriCanvas app?

Due to App Store or Play Store policies, the MiriCanvas app does not allow you to pay in a different currency. If you would like to pay for a subscription in a different currency, please use MiriCanvas PC/Mobile Web.



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