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Q. I can’t remember my ID / I can’t log in.

Can’t remember the email address you used to sign up to MiriCanvas or are unable to log in?

MiriCanvas uses email address as ID and offers a variety of ways to sign up and log in.


The login method can vary depending on the sign-up method, and there are occasionally inquiries from people who mix up the email address they used to sign up with their member information.

If you can’t remember your MiriCanvas ID or are unable to log in, try the following:


Confirm your email address with MiriCanvas and receive a temporary password.




Enter your email address under "Find Password” to see if the email address has been registered with MiriCanvas or not. If registered, click “Send temporary password” to receive a temporary password at the registered email address.


Even if you signed up using a social account such as Google or Facebook, you can send a temporary password to sign up.

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