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I would like a receipt for the subscription plan

Q. I would like a receipt for the subscription plan

A. You can check it out in [Settings > Payment History] in the workspace!


However, the sales slip that can be found on that page can only be found when you pay with 'KRW / Normal Card Payment'!

We don't provide sales slips when paying for PayPal/KakaoPay/NaverPay, so you have to check with the payment company.



*️⃣ Check the sales slip


1. 1. Please check the history in Settings > Payment History in the workspace.

2. Please click on the 'Sales Statement' of the details of the payment completed.

3. 3. Please select the item 'buyer name + amount' in the pop-up window and enter the information.


💡Please read it!

  • The plan can be paid by the owner and administrator of the workspace, and the buyer's information in the payment history is only the owner's account information.
  • However, when inquiring about the sales slip, you must enter the information of the account in which the payment method was registered.
    • 'Buyer name + amount': Please enter the information excluding the domain address of the owner or administrator account that registered the payment method and the payment amount.
    • ex. If your account information is abcd@naver.com , please enter up to abcd.


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