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I would like a receipt for the subscription plan

For PayPal users: After the payment is made, you will automatically get the receipt via the email registered to your PayPal account. 

If you don't see it, please check the Spam inbox. 



For Credit Card users: 

After making a payment for Pro plan, you will be able to view your card receipt from the workspace’s [Settings > Payment History].


* A receipt is not available for trial period.

* Transaction slips are only provided for Credit Card payments. Access your transaction slips using the Kakao app.


1. Check your history from the workspace’s [Settings > Payment History].



2. Click “Transaction Slip” of a payment.



3. Select “Email + Card Number” or “Purchaser Name + Amount” from the popup window and then enter the information.




💡Please Read!

Subscription payments can be made by the workspace’s owner or administrator.

The purchaser name under Payment History is always the owner's information. Transaction slips can also be referenced using the purchaser name.

✔️ Email + Card Number: Enter the owner account’s email address and the card number.

✔️ Purchaser Name + Amount: Enter the owner account’s information with the domain address excluded and the payment amount.

(e.g., If account information is abcd@naver.com, enter “abcd” only.)

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