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Workspace Ownership (Owner) Transfer Method

If workspace management and restriction becomes overwhelming, the workspace’s owner can transfer the workspace’s ownership (owner) to another administrator. Ownership can only be transferred to another administrator within the same workspace.

※ If there is only one workspace under the owner’s account, ownership cannot be transferred. Each account has at least one workspace. Accordingly, ownership can only be transferred when there are multiple workspaces. See here for instructions on creating and modifying a workspace.



Transferring Workspace Ownership




① Log into the owner’s MiriCanvas account.

② Make sure there is more than one workspace. (It’s not possible to transfer ownership if there is only one owner workspace.)

From the left side of the workspace page, click “People” > “Members” > “Administrator” to transfer ownership to and then

from the right side of the page click "···” and then “Ownership Transfer”.

(Ownership can only be transferred to other members with “Administrator” permissions within the same workspace.)

④ The previous owner is demoted as a workspace "Administrator”.


💡Please Read!

  • Each workspace is independent of one another. Members, drives, designs, uploaded contents, and price plans are not shared between workspaces and must be managed independently. Accordingly, the payment method that was being managed by the owner needs to be changed or removed. Otherwise, only the owner is changed and payment will continue to be made through the registered payment method. Make sure to manage the payment method after changing the workspace owner.
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