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Creating and Deleting a Workspace

You can create multiple workspaces under one account and choose a different price plan (Free, Pro, or Enterprise) for each. Create a workspace as follows: * See here for instructions on assigning a price plan.



Creating a Workspace


① Log in to MiriCanvas.

② From the workspace page, click Switch Workspaces at the top left.

③ Click [Create new Workspace] at the very bottom of the workspace list.

④ Enter the name of the workspace and click [Create Workspace] to create a workspace.


💡Please Read!

  • Each workspace is independent of other workspaces.
  • Members, drives, designs, uploaded contents, and price plans are not shared between different workspaces and must be managed independently.



Deleting a Workspace


① Switch over to the workspace you wish to delete.

② Click [Settings].

③ From [Workspace Settings], click “Delete Workspace”.

④ Enter the name of the workspace, check off the warning message, and click [Delete Workspace].


💡Please Read!

  • Workspaces can only be deleted when logged in as the workspace’s owner (the account that created the workspace or an account that has had the workspace’s ownership transferred to it from the account that created the workspace).
  • If the workspace you wish to delete is under the Pro price plan, you will need to first cancel your subscription before deleting the workspace.
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