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Brand Kit Use Guide

By Using a brand kit, you can register the team’s brand logo and add a color palette consisting of designated colors.

You can add a brand kit that helps you created uniform designs and use the kit as follows:


※  Brand kit feature is available with the Pro and Enterprise price plans and under the Edu version.


Pro / Edu


Number of Generatable Brand Kits





✅ Adding a BrAnd Kit

 Only members whose role is designer or above can add and delete brand kits.


1) Switch over to the workspace account you wish to add a brand kit to and click [Brand Menu > Add Brand Kit] on the left to add a brand kit.



2) You can upload a logo to the added kit and designate colors and fonts.

Logos can be uploaded in .jpg, .png, and .svg formats, and you can also upload your own fonts.



Please Read

✔ When uploading a font, make sure to verify the font's usage rights and license.

✔ Deleting uploaded fonts does not affect existing designs.



✅ Using an Added Brand Kit


1) You can view and use registered logos from the [Logo] menu on the left side of the editor.

In addition, members whose role is designer or above can upload logos using the same menu.



2) Color palette can be selected for text, Illustrator elements, themes, backgrounds, and all other items with configurable colors.



3) From the Text menu, you can add text using designated heading, subheading, and body text fonts.


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