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Design Document Transfer Guide

With the Web Publis(Share) feature, design replication between workspaces is possible.

Try replicating design documents in the order below!


1️⃣First, please copy the shared URL that is set to enable replication using the Web Publis(Share) function.

💡For the Web Publis(Share) usage guide, click here.


2️⃣Go to the workspace, click the workspace name at the top left and switch to the workspace where you want to move the design.


3️⃣Enter the shared URL that you copied in the address bar at the top of the browser to run the shared viewer.

Click [+] at the bottom right of the executed shared view, and then click "Reproduce".


4️⃣When a new window opens, the editor runs and the design is duplicated.

💡The replicated design is stored in "My Drive".

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