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User Invitation Feature Guide

By using the user invitation feature, you can share designs stored in the workspace drive with other members!

Invite members within the same workspace to an editable role and collaborate on design work together!

💡To invite members, please click here.



*️⃣User Invitation Feature

1. Open the design stored in [My Drive] of the workspace and click the share button at the top of the editor.


2. In the popup window, select 'User Invitation' and enter the name or email address of the member you want to collaborate with.

For the role of the member you are inviting, choose from [ Can Edit / Can Comment / View Only ] and proceed with the invitation.


💡The function can also be accessed via the [More (...) > Share] sequence on the thumbnail.



*️⃣Confirming the invited design.

Invited members can check the invitation details in the workspace's notification feature.


After clicking the notification button, clicking on the invited entry will launch the editor for that design.

And members with editing permissions can view and modify the design in the editor.

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