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Design Approval Management

You can enable or disable the design approval feature to review and approve design changes with workspace members.



*️⃣Design Approval Feature ON / OFF


Design approval management is only available to workspace owners or administrators.

First, switch to the workspace where you want to use the design approval management feature, then navigate to [Brand Management > Design Approval Management] on the left.


Disabling design approval management also disables the left-side [Design Approval] menu where you can check the approval list.


In addition, the approval status display shown in the design thumbnail is also disabled.

<Enable approval status>


<Disabling Approval Status>




*️⃣Mandatory approval


When mandatory approval is enabled, web publishing (sharing) and print production of all documents stored in the workspace will be restricted until approval is completed.

When downloading, a proof image file with a watermark will be downloaded.

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