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Configuring Banned Words

※ Banned word configuration is available under the Pro and Enterprise Price Plans and with the Edu version only.


Workspace owners and administrators can specify and manage banned words that cannot be included in designs.

Configure banned words by following the steps below to help members design more safely:

✅When a design that contains a banned word is downloaded, a popup window is displayed to show that the design contains a banned word.




1. Enabling Banned Word Configuration


First, make sure you have switched to the workspace you wish to configure banned words for.

Then, you can enable or disable banned word configuration under [Brand Management > Banned Word Configuration] on the left side of the workspace.









2. Adding a Banned Word


Once Banned Word Configuration has been enabled, add banned words to the list.

Separate multiple banned words using commas and then click “Save Changes” at the bottom to apply.



Once configured, you can click “Edit” to revise and update the list.

💡If a banned word that already exists on the list is added again, it will be removed automatically.



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