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Inviting Workspace Members

Invite members to the workspace and add members to Shared Drive as follows:

※ See below for workspace member roles under each price plan.





Owner, Administrator, Member

Owner, Administrator,

Designer, Member

Owner, Administrator,

Designer, Member

Owner, Administrator,

Designer, Member



1. Inviting Members to Workspace


1) Click [Member Invitation] at top right of the [People] menu on the left side of the workspace. 



2) Select the email address and role (administrator, designer, or member) of the member you wish to invite as a member and click Invite.

💡MiriCanvas members and non-members alike can be invited.



3) Invited member clicks on “Accept Invitation” in their invitation email.



Non-members are required to sign up and log in. Existing members only need to log in in order to be added to the workspace.

Members who have not accepted their invitation are shown as “Invitation in Progress” on the [People] list.




2. Adding Members to Shared Drive

Shared Drive can be made accessible to all members in the workspace or only to specific workspace members.

💡Only workspace members can be added to Shared Drive. 


1) Navigate to the Shared Drive you wish to add a member to and click on the people icon at the top right. 



2) Select the name or email address or the workspace member and the member’s role and click Add.

Drive role can be set as drive administrator, can edit, can give feedback, or can view.



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