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[Elements] Chart Use Guide

Chart (graph) elements that are generated using directly entered values can be used as follows.

Try using chart elements to convey information more accurately and in greater detail. 



✅ Adding a Chart


To create a chart, first click on the “Chart” tab under the [Elements] menu on the left side of the editor.



Select a chart type you wish to use to add a chart to the work area.




✅ Editing a Chart


With a chart selected, you will be able to see chart type, color, legend, and font options in the settings window to the left.

Let’s go over these in more detail. 



1. Let’s first discuss the most important feature, [Edit Data].

Click on the [Edit Date] button at the top of the settings window or double-click on the chart to prompt the data entry window.



Change the chart’s data by entering new values.

💡 From [Edit Data]’s settings tab, you can also define minimum and maximum values for the y-axis.



2. In addition to the donut chart that was initially selected, other available chart types include vertical and horizontal bar and line charts, area chart, and pie chart.

Select the chart type that best suits your needs.


※ Please Read!

Detailed options shown in the chart settings window varies depending on the chart type.

  1. Bar Chart: Axis, scale mark, axis label, data label display, bar thickness, and rounded corner options.
  2. Line Chart: Axis, scale mark, axis label, data label, data point display, dot type, and dot size options.
  3. Area Chart: Axis, scale mark, axis label, data label, data point display, area gradation, dot type, and dot size options.
  4. Pie Chart: Data label display option.
  5. Donut Chart: Data label display and donut hole size options.


3. You can change the color or each chart section and font type, size, and color.



4. You can also activate legends that were entered into the data and configure their positions.


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