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Design Approval Feature Usage Guide

Using the design approval feature makes it possible to exchange design feedbacks with members and make changes for a final sign off.

Comprehensively manage all designs created within the affiliated workspace.

※ Design approval feature is supported with the Pro and Enterprise price plans and under the Edu version only.



✅ Design Approval Request


Approval requests can be submitted for designs contained in workspace’s My Drive and a Shared Drive you belong to.

Approval request feature is not supported for workspace owners or administrators.


1. Click on the [···] at the top right with the design in editor mode and click “Approval Request”.



2. Fill out your approval request details and designate approvers based on your approval sequence.

💡You can designate up to four approvers.



3. Click “Send” to send approval request emails to the approvers as shown below:




✅ Approving a Design


1. An approver can click [Review] in their request notice email and launch the design editor in feedback mode.

Alternatively, it’s possible to launch the design in feedback mode by clicking [Design Approval > Approval-requested Design] from the workspace.



Feedback Mode: Leave comments in the design area and view feedbacks from others.



2. A design can be approved by clicking on the [Review in Progress] button at the top right.



3. Designs that have been approved by all approvers are marked as “Approved” on the Shared Drive list.


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