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Workspace Member Management and Group Management Guide

*The feature that makes it possible to manage workspace members as groups is available with the Pro and Enterprise price plans and under the Edu version only.


Workspace owners and administrators can invite members to join a workspace and manage them.

It’s also possible to designate and manage members as a group.



1. Member Management


✅ Member Invitation

Members can be invited from the member menu of the workspace’s [People] menu. 



Invite by clicking [Member Invitation] at top right of the member list and selecting the email address and role of the member.

Members who have not accepted their invitation are shown as “Invitation in Progress” on the list.


💡Please Read

1. Both MiriCanvas members and non-members can be invited.

2. Invitation is complete once the invited member clicks on “Accept Invitation” in their invitation email.

3. To cancel an invitation or resend an invitation, click the [ ··· ] button on the member’s information page.



✅ Changing Member Roles and Removing Members

From the member list, you can change member roles and remove members from the workspace. 




2. Group Management


✅ Creating a Group

Group feature is useful for categorizing members into department groups.

Groups can be added with “Create a Group” located at top right of the group menu under the workspace’s [People] menu. 



From the added group, click [Add Group Members] located at top right to add members to the group.

Group administrators are able to add members to the group, remove members, and change member roles.


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