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Using the "Add to folder" feature

Use the "Add to folder" feature to add frequently used templates and elements to a folder.

You can then access and click on these elements from the editor's workspace for easy use!

※ The "Add to folder" feature is available in Pro / Enterprise plans.




1️⃣Using "Add to Folder"


1. In the editor's left menu, hover your mouse cursor over the template and element thumbnails and click the More(···) button.


2. Then, click "Add to folder" and select the desired location to add it.


💡Please make sure to check!

  • Q. What is the difference between the "Add to folder" feature and the "Add to My List" feature?
    • A.

      The "Add to My List" feature allows you to add templates and elements for personal use. However, the "Add to folder" feature allows you to add items to both your personal space, 'My Drive,' and the 'Shared Drive,' which can be accessed by other members. When you add items to the 'Shared Drive,' other members can view and use the added items!



2️⃣Viewing Added Templates and Elements


You can check them in the workspace and editor under [Workspace > My Drive / Shared Drive].



3️⃣Deleting Added Templates and Elements


As you add more to your folders, the templates and elements can accumulate and become inconvenient to use.

To ensure convenient usage, consider deleting unused templates and elements to organize and optimize your workspace. 😊


1. Hover your mouse cursor over the item you want to delete in My Drive or Shared Drive, then click the More options (···) button.


2. Please click "Move to trash"

*Templates and elements placed in the trash can be permanently deleted or restored from the workspace's trash.


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