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Using Page Animation Feature

Use the page animation feature to create exciting and dynamic designs.

You can check the animation effects on the design using slide show, shared viewer and the video file.



✅ Configuring Page Animation Effects


1. Click the ___________.png animation button at the bottom of the editor. 


2. Select animation effectsfrom the list shown in the settings window to the left.

* Page animation effects apply to the entire page.



3. Check "Apply to All Pages” to apply the selected effects for the current page to all pages.

To configure effects for pages individually, uncheck this option and configure the pages individually.



4. Click on the button at the bottom of the editor to configure “Page Playback Duration", which determines how long a downloaded video clip (.mp4 or .gif) is played on which page.

* Page playback duration can be set from 0.1 seconds up to 30 seconds.


*Please Read!

.mp4: Allowed up to 32 pages with playback duration of up to 10 minutes.

.gif: Allowed up to ! Page with playback duration of up to 10 seconds.




✅ Checking Configured Animation Effects


1. Checking from Slide Show

* Slide show can be launched by clicking the [Slide Show] button at the top right or from the [File] menu.



2. Checking from Shared Viewer

* For instructions on using shared viewer, click “here”.



3. Checking after Downloading Video

* Click on the [Download] button at the top of the editor to download as a video file (.mp4 or .gif).

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