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Using the Ruler Feature

The ruler feature is used to measure the size and position of elements.

The ruler feature is even more powerful when used together with the guideline feature.



✅ From the [Settings] menu at the top of the editor, enable Show Rulers.

Once enabled, the rulers will appear on the top and left sides of the editing area.

*Ruler Activation Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + R



✅ Enabling Guidelines

1. Enable by clicking [Settings > Guidelines] at the top of the editor and add vertical and horizontal guidelines.

*Guideline Activation Shortcut: Ctrl + ;



2. Click on a ruler and drag towards to editing area to activate and add a guideline.



✅ Use guidelines and rulers to size and position your elements.

A guideline’s location can be determined using the ruler or by placing the mouse pointer over the added guideline.



When you add a guideline and drag an element towards the guideline, the element will snap to the guideline.


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