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Using the Link Feature

The link feature lets you connect to website URLs and configure for navigation to specific pages.

See below for instructions on using this feature:

*Tip. The feature is useful for creating quiz and psychology test contents.



✅ Configuring a Link


Click on the text or element you wish to add a link to and click [Link] on the left menu.

Next, enter the destination URL and specify the destination page and click Apply.

It’s also possible to set up a link to an email address or a telephone number.




✅ Checking the Link

* You can check the link from a slide show, shared viewer, or a high-resolution.pdf file.


1. Checking from Slide Show

A slide show can be launched by clicking on [···] at the top right part of the editor or clicking [File > Slide Show].



2. Checking from Shared Viewer

Confirm by entering the shared URL in the address window using the web post (share) feature.

For a more detailed explanation of the web post (share) feature, click "Here".



3. Checking from a High-resolution .pdf File

Download a web .pdf as a high-resolution file and click on the link in a .pdf viewer.

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