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Using Page Edit Features

When editing a document, you can use the buttons at the top of the editor’s work area (canvas) to edit the page.

Let’s explore these buttons in more detail.



__________02.png Page Title: Specify a name for each page.

__2.png Page Memo: Include design descriptions and idea notes.

__5.png Add New Page: Adds a blank page.

__6.png Duplicate Page: Adds a new page with the same design.

__7.png Move Page Up: Moves the current page up.

__8.png Move Page Down: Moves the current page down.

__9.png Delete Page: Deletes the page.



✅ Page Edit Features in Detail


1. Page Memo

This feature is similar to a notepad and lets you record notes about the design and new ideas.

* Create a page memo and web post (share) it with duplication enabled to allow those you share the memo with to see it.



2. Add New Page

Adds a blank page that doesn’t have a design.



3. Duplicate Page

Duplicates the current page’s design.



4. Move Page Up



5. Move Page Down



6. Delete Page


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