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Instructions on canceling your account

Please see below for precautions and instructions on canceling your account.


✅ Account Cancellation - Precautions

All design documents will be deleted once you cancel your account, and it will not be possible to recover the deleted documents. 

Please note that if design documents are deleted, it will be hard to prove that such design was made in MiriCanvas during the rare event of a copyright dispute. 


Account Cancellation - Instructions

1) From the workspace, navigate to [Settings > My Account].

2) From the page, click “Delete Account”.

3) Specify your reason for account cancellation and proceed.


💡Please Read!

Account cancellation is only possible if all workspaces in your possession are under a free plan.

Saved designs and uploaded elements are deleted permanently when you cancel your account. Please note that all works will be deleted and you will not receive protection in the event of a copyright dispute.

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