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[Elements] Table Use Guide

Use the table feature to present your data in a neat design.



1. Adding a Table

Select [Table] from the [Elements] menu and click on the table with the desired theme to add it to the edit area.



2. Configuring Rows or Columns

Once a table is selected, you will be able to adjust the number of rows and columns from the settings window to the left. You can also manually enter the desired number of rows and columns.




3. Adding a Row or Column

Click on the More (···) button that appears at the top or to the left when a single cell is selected to select all rows or columns. Click on the More (···) button again to add rows and columns.



4. Deleting a Row or Column

Select a cell from the table and access the right-click menu to delete rows and columns in relation to the selected cell.

You can also delete rows and columns by clicking on the More (···) button that appears after selecting a cell.




5. Merging and Splitting Cells

Select the cells you wish to merge and right-click to merge. Right-click on an already merged cell to cancel the cell merger.

[Cell Merger Cancellation] is available for already merged cells only. 




6. Adjusting Table, Row, or Column Size

Select a table and resize using the round button in the corner or make vertical and horizontal adjustments using the bar buttons located between the corners.



Position the mouse pointer over the grid until it changes into an arrow. You can then click and drag to adjust the row or column size.



7. Designating Table Style/Cell Style

With the entire table selected, you can select a style from the table settings window to the left.

You can change the background color, border, and thickness. Choosing an individual cell lets you change the style of that cell only. 



8. Entering Table Data/Designating Text Style

Double-click on a cell to enable text entry and enter your desired text.

In addition, you can designate the text style (font size, font, font color, etc.) from the table settings window to the left.




Lastly, MiriCanvas offers numerous table themes in addition to the standard table, including calendar table and clothing size table.

These table themes can also be adjusted freely to meet your specific needs. 

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