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Checking Work History

If MiriCanvas’s Auto Save feature has been enabled, designs are automatically saved every minute.

Document save records are kept under the “Work History” menu within the editor.


“Work History” shows save records based on date and time and lets you recover previous versions of your designs.

※ Restoring to previous design versions is supported with the Pro and Enterprise price plans only.



✅ Work History Confirmation Method


1. Click [File > Work History] at the top of the editor.



2. Click on Work History to see a saved list of save records as shown above.



3. Select an old version you wish to restore and click “Restore to This Version” at the top.


✔ Clicking the mceclip0.png button next to “Restore to This Version” shows the [Create a Copy] option.

✔ “Create a Copy” is a feature that creates a separate page using the selected design and in essence lets you back up your current design.


💡The “Work History” feature is very useful for when you wish to view your save records and restore previous versions. If you ever lose a design you've been working on, check the Work History for previously saved versions. 

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