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Workspace Use Guide

Workspace is the saved page that appears first after logging in from the MiriCanvas home page.


✅ Workspace Connection



Above screen is the “Workspace”, which is like the place where all your designs are saved to.

You can open and edit saved designs and create new design documents.

You can also create folders and manage your design documents more efficiently.






With the editor running, you can click on the home button at the top or select Profile under the [File] menu to navigate.



✅ My Info Management



Click on the gear icon (Settings) and access [My Account] to view your membership information or change your password.



✅ Workspace Design Document Management



To organize design documents saved to the workspace, place the mouse pointer over a design document and click on the check box. 



Clicking prompts options that lets you select saved designs and create a folder or discard them in the recycle bin.

______5.png Sets selected documents as the moved folder or adds a new folder.

______6.png Moves selected documents to the recycle bin.



As shown above, selecting designs and putting them in the recycle bin makes the saved design documents no longer appear. 

※ Documents in the recycle bin are automatically deleted after thirty days and can be restored from the recycle bin menu at any point before that.

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