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Template Overwrite Feature Guide

Following is a description of “Overwrite This Template”, which is a feature that imports template designs.


✅ Using the Overwrite Feature


Clicking on a template of a theme that differs from the currently applied canvas size applies the template based on the current canvas size as shown below and cause somewhat of a confusion.



Using the “Overwrite This Template” feature, however, lets you edit a template right away in the optimal size.

Instructions on using this feature are as follows: 


💡Please Read!

Because this feature overwrites over an existing design, it is recommended that you first create a backup design document.



1. Positioning the mouse pointer over the desired template


For an easier explanation, let’s take the template used in the above .gif as an example.

Position your mouse pointer over the template you wish to change displays a small dotted line icon [···] to the lower right of the concerned thumbnail.



2. “Overwrite This Template”


Click on the dotted line icon to see the template title and related keywords.

Click “Overwrite This Template” to automatically resize to the template’s size and apply the design.



The template, which would have been applied with blank spaces over the existing square canvas, is resized and applied as the corresponding image thanks to the overwrite feature.

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