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Using the Guideline Feature

When you drag a design element close to a guideline, the element snaps to that guideline.

Place guidelines anywhere you want and use them to design a structured layout. 

This feature is even more powerful when used together with the Ruler Feature!


✅ Enabling Guideline Feature

From top of the editor, click [Settings > Guidelines] to enable.

*Guideline Activation Shortcut: Ctrl + ;




✅ Adding a Guideline

1. Adding from the [Settings] menu.

From top of the editor, you can add a guideline by clicking [Settings > Guidelines > Add a Horizontal Guideline or Add a Vertical Guideline].

Guidelines are added on a row-and-column basis.



2. Adding using a Ruler

With the Ruler feature enabled, click on a ruler and drag towards the edit zone to add a guideline.




✅ Locking Guidelines

It’s possible to lock the guidelines in place so they can no longer be moved around by clicking and dragging.

*Lock Guidelines Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + ;




✅ Resetting Guidelines

It’s possible to remove all guidelines from the edit zone.



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