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Sharing a Design

You can share designs created on MiriCanvas with other users.

Refer to the guide below for more details.


💡Please Read

  • The share feature (web posting) comes with different configurable options depending on the  plan.
  • Premium features, which are marked with a crown symbol, are available with paid plans only.



*️⃣ Checking Share URL using the Web Post (Share) Feature


1) Click on the Share icon next to the download button on the top right.​


2) Set the design document as “Public” via clicking the toggle button.

If you wish to stop sharing, set the document’s status as “Private” by disabling the toggle button.


3) Under the "Detailed options", check the "Allow reproduction of original document" permission setting.

This option is enabled by default and allows document copying and editing via a shared link. 

If disabled, others will only be able to view the document via a shared link.


4) Configure the page style.


- Slideshow: Enables left and right panning of the shared design.

- Vertical Scroll: Enables up and down scrolling of the shared design.

- Quizzes and personality tests: Makes it possible to click on an element with a page link and navigate to the linked page.


5) Configure a password if necessary.

Once a password has been configured, the correct password will be required to view the shared document.


6) Click on 'Copy'.

Click the Copy button to copy the shared link and forward the link to the person you want to share.

You can also export the shared link directly to your SNS by clicking the SNS icon under the copy button



*️⃣ Using Shared Viewer with the Shared URL


1) Enter the received shared link in your browser or click on the link to view the document. 


2) Click on the + icon at the top right to use duplicate and slide show features.

You can also use like and comment features.



*️⃣ Duplicating a Design using Shared Viewer


Duplication is only available if “Original Document Duplication Permission” is enabled under the web post’s detailed options.


1) Log in to the account where you want to duplicate the document and enter the shared URL in the browser address bar.


2) When you click [ + > Replicate] in the lower right of the shared view that runs, a new window of the design document opens and the document is replicated.


3) Replicated designs can be found in the workspace.

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