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File Menu Use Guide

In order to manage your designs more efficiently,

it’s best to use a method that makes it possible to check or retrieve the work history that was saved during use.



✅ [File] Menu (Top of Editor) Use Guide




1. Create a New Design


Adds a new design document as a single page in a new window.

Useful when starting a new design using MiriCanvas Editor.




2. Create a Copy


Copies the current MiriCanvas work window as it is and adds it as a single page in a new window.

Unlike Create a New Document, which adds a new design document, this option is useful for when continuing to work on an existing design.


※ If there is no response after clicking “Create a Copy” in Chrome, click on the popup block icon on the right side of the browser and set it as “Always Allow”.



3. Save

Saves the current design to the workspace. 



4. Produce a Printout

Places an order with BizHows for prints of the current design.



5. Work History

Used to verify and restore previous saves of the current design.



6. Slide Show

Runs a slide show of the current design.

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