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(Environment) My app suddenly refreshes while I'm working on a design

The MiriCanvas mobile app works well on devices with at least 4GB of RAM.

If you're experiencing repeated refreshing on a device with more than 4GB of RAM, please check to see if any of the following applies.


✅ Too many apps in use at the same time

How many other apps are you using at the same time? Keep your non-MiriCanvas apps to a minimum for a smooth design experience.


✅ If you're working on a design with more than 100 pages

More pages in your design can put a strain on memory. For documents with many pages, use a high-end device to ensure a smooth experience.


✅ Heavy use of video elements

Video elements in particular can be more memory intensive than other elements, so if your design requires heavy use of video elements, we recommend using them in a PC environment.

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