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About MiriCanvas 2.0 Beta





Thank you for using MiriCanvas 2.0.

Let's get to know what updates have been made.



What's changed?



Edit designs faster

We've sped up our design editor, so you can create designs

and add elements in lightning-speed.






Available on table devices!

Design with touch screens and pens. Create anything, anywhere and anytime.






Navigation made simple

Getting to your workspace and settings has never been easier

with our updated navigation menu!





Organize your files

Edit your file names and move your design file location.

Find your designs right away.




Change page sizes for free

Change the page size of your design with a click. 

From Instagram posts to YouTube thumbnails, access them all.




Easily edit design elements

Click any design element and adjust opacity.

Access multiple settings with a click of an icon.



Keyboard shortcuts

Mac users can now use the command(⌘) key and other shortcuts.

Learn more about 2.0 keyboard shortcuts





Q: Are there any features I can't use in 2.0?

A : We're still preparing several features for MiriCanvas 2.0 Beta.

All features will be available in mid-November, so stay tuned!


Q: I want to use the previous version of MiriCanvas.

A: Click the "use previous version:" button at the top right corner of the editor page.

Your designs will be automatically saved, so you can use the previous version right away.


Q: If I use 2.0, what happens to my 1.0 designs?

A: You can use all designs in 2.0 regardless.


Q: Is 2.0 available on mobile?

A : No, MiriCanvas 2.0 mobile will become available early next year. At the moment, 2.0 is only available on tablet and PC.


Q: I want to give feedback on 2.0.

A: Click the "send feedback" button on the top right corner of the editor. Feel free to send us your opinion!




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