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Guide to Using the My List Feature

When you search for templates and elements and find ones you'd like to use again later, you might want to save them using the My List feature.

This way, you can easily find and use them when designing next time.

Let me explain how to use and access the My List feature.



*️⃣ Add template and elements to My List.

Templates can be added to My List from the template page and the [Template] menu in the editor, while elements can be added to My List from the [Elements] menu in the editor.


When hovering over the thumbnail on the template page, simply click the heart-shaped button that appears.


In the editor's [Template] menu and [Elements] menu, hover over the thumbnail and click the 'More(···)' button to access the 'Add to My List' option.



*️⃣ Check templates and elements added to My List.


You can view and use templates and elements added to My List from the [My List] menu on the left side of the editor.


You can click the 'More(···)' button on the thumbnail of templates and elements in My List to 'remove from my list'.


💡Please make sure to check!

  • Regardless of the plan you're using, you can add up to 200 items to My List.
  • However, if you're using the free plan, you can only access and use the latest 20 items you added to My List.
  • To access and use all 200 items added to My List, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro plan.
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