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How to participate in refer-a-friend event


We're excited to announce a refer-a-friend event on the MiriCanvas! 👏🏻

Here, we'll explain how you can participate in our refer-a-friend event.

You'll have the opportunity to recommend MiriCanvas to your friends and receive benefits in return.


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🤔 What is the refer-a-friend event?

The refer-a-friend event is an opportunity for users who love MiriCanvas to recommend our platform to their acquaintances and friends.

When referred friends sign up as new users, benefits are provided to both parties.

As an existing MiriCanvas user, you will receive your own unique invitation link. Your event participation is completed when you forward your link to a friend, and they will register as a new user of MiriCanvas.

We'll provide more details on participation below.


🙌 How can I participate?

Step 1. Access the 'My Account' menu from 'My Workspace'.

: Look for the newly added refer-a-friend event banner in the 'My Account' menu and click it to see the event information pop-up.

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: Copy the invitation link at the bottom of the pop-up and send it to your friends.


Step 3. Sign up via invitation link (for new users)

  • New users can use the friend invitation link to sign up immediately.
    💡 Please note, if you sign up for membership after accessing MiriCanvas through other means than the provided link, you will not receive the benefits!
    When inviting new users, be sure to explain this in detail to ensure everyone benefits fully.


  • Once a new user completes their membership registration through the friend invitation link, they will see a pop-up with information about the benefits provided and how to use them.


Step 4. Check your rewards

When a new user signs up through the existing user's friend invitation link, the existing user who sent the link will also receive benefits.

However, please note that the provision of event benefits may take some time and notifications will be delivered in the workspace. Be sure to check the bell icon regularly!



😍 What benefits can I receive?

The refer-a-friend event provides benefits to both the referrer (existing user) and the new user who signs up through the invitation link.

  • The benefits for the referrer are credited each time a new user completes membership registration through their friend invitation link.
  • For new users, benefits are provided only the first time they sign up through the friend invitation link.


(Existing user)

New users

(Signed up via referral link)

  • Subscription Voucher
    • Plan: Pro for 7 days
    • Validation Period: 1 month
    • Payment Method: Not Required
  • Subscription Voucher
    • Plan: Pro for 2 weeks
    • Validation Period: 1 month
    • Payment Method: Not Required
  • Discount Coupon_1
    • Plan: Pro for 1 month
    • Discount %: 90
    • Validation Period: 2 month
  • Discount Coupon_2
    • Plan: Pro for 3 months
    • Discount %: 33
    • Validation Period: 2 month


⚡️ What are the precautions for the event?

  • Refer-a-Friend events are targeted to international users, and the event banner is only visible to existing users who have logged in from overseas.
  • The event may end early without notice when discount benefits are exhausted, and can be changed or discontinued without notice due to our business policy.
  • Each benefit provided through the refer-a-friend event has an expiration date, and discounts that expire after the expiration date cannot be restored.



Thank you,

MiriCanvas Team

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