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Inserting audio in video editor


1. Term

*️⃣ Timeline

The feature is located at the bottom of the editor page, as depicted in the image.

You can easily use page editing functions such as adjusting page playback time, duplicating, deleting, and adding pages necessary for video production, and it also provides audio editing features.



*️⃣ CTI

The CTI indicates where the current video is playing on the timeline and serves as a reference point for actions like splitting pages or inserting audio.


You can preview all the video and audio being edited using the play and pause buttons on the timeline.

Clicking outside the timeline while playing pauses it, and you can move the CTI to the beginning or end.

💡You can directly drag the CTI to your desired position and also check the total playback time of the video along with the CTI's current position!



2. Insert audio

In MiriCanvas, you can use background music and sound effects, with sound effects available only in the video editor.

Try inserting background music and sound effects from the [Audio] menu on the left side of the editor.

Audio is inserted according to the CTI position, and if the CTI is at the end, only 1 second of audio will be inserted.


📢 Please read it!

    • In the video editor, you can use multiple audio tracks without any limitation, and you can also use the same audio multiple times.
    • Set the CTI position and try adding multiple audio tracks!
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