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MiriCanvas Cookie Policy(Effective Date: February 22nd, 2023)

🔥Important🔥 Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and AI Tools Terms Update on May 26, 2024 (Click here) 


1. Summary

The Company uses cookies to store user information and to frequently bring it in for the purpose of providing an individually customized service.


Cookies are small data sent by the server (http) used for the operation of the website to the user’s computer or device browser, which is downloaded to the user’s PC or device. 


With Cookies, the website analyzes the information regarding a user’s visit (including the form of visit and use for each service and website visited by the user, popular search keyword, secured access, etc.). When the user revisits the same website, the website server (http) reads the cookies downloaded to the user’s PC or device to maintain the settings of the user and provide tailored service. In short, the cookies perform the function to support a user’s experience with the website to be subject to such user’s settings for a convenient use when such user visits a website.


Additionally, the Company offers customized information including optimized information or advertisement through cookies with the user’s website visit records or forms of use. 


The user reserves a right to choose the cookie installation. Therefore, the user, by setting the option at the web browser, may allow all cookies, confirm every time when a cookie is downloaded, or refuse to download any cookies (however, there may be some difficulties to use the website and the service provided by the Company if the user opts out to download cookies). 


Cookie Setting (example)

“Settings” at the top of the web browser ⇒ cookies and site permissions 

“Settings” at the top of the web browser ⇒ Privacy and security ⇒ Cookies and other site data 

Please refer to our Privacy Statement for how the Company protects the user’s personal information when using the cookies and other data. 


2. Types of cookies and their function 


(1) First-party Cookies


First-party cookies are cookies directly published and collected by the website which the user accesses for the service such as MiriCanvas. For example, the MiriCanvas website publishes cookies about log-in history when a user accesses to MiriCanvas (www.miricanvas.com), which is a first-party cookie. Therefore, if the user logs in MiriCanvas with ‘remember me’ status, then closes the browser window and re-access to MiriCanvas, the login status will be maintained; this is how first-party cookies are utilized. 


(2) Third-party Cookies


Third-party cookies are cookies published by third-party websites other than the website the user accesses, which allows such third-party websites to collect information about the user via cookies. 


(3) Analytics Function 


Cookies support the Company’s identification of how users use certain services and interact in the Company’s service such as MiriCanvas, etc. by collecting the user information. The Company can improve the service based on this information. 


Specifically, the Company uses Google Analytics and supports the understanding of how the users interact with the service websites such as MiriCanvas, etc. Google Analytics utilizes first-party cookies to collect the information about the activities of the users within the website. The Company uses such collected information to improve the service quality of our service such as MiriCanvas, etc. 


The user may opt-out Google Analytics and block it. 

Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on may be found via below link: 

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Download Page 


Details of Google Analytics may be additionally found via below link:

How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services – Privacy & Terms – Google

3. Types of cookies used by the Company  


The Company uses 3 types of cookies (Essential Cookies, Performance Cookies, and Targeting Cookies), which are as follows:  


(1) Essential Cookies 



Company Name

Cookie Function



MiriCanvas login, etc.

New Relic

Identifying issues with New Relic 


BizHows login, etc. (MiriCanvas’ sister service) 

These cookies are always active, and perform an essential function for the company to provide MiriCanvas service. If these cookies are inactive, there may be restrictions such as login failure or limitation on the use of MiriCanvas service, etc. Therefore, although these cookies may be rejected by internet browser add-on, etc., please be advised that this may cause inconvenience for the use of MiriCanvas service. 


(2) Performance Cookies 



Company Name

Cookie Function

Collected by consent


Analysis by Google Analytics


Naver analysis


Hotjar analysis


MIRI D.I.H. log analysis 

These cookies perform support functions for the Company to analyze the users’ use of the service. Therefore, it analyzes in which route the users access to the MiriCanvas service and how they use the service. If these cookies are opted-out, personalized MiriCanvas may not be available because the Company may not be able to obtain the user information in relation to MiriCanvas. 


(3) Targeting Cookies 



Company Name

Cookie Function

Collected by consent


Criteo advertisement


Daum advertisement




Facebook advertisement


Targeted advertisement


Linkedin advertisement


Google advertisement 


These cookies are published by the Company’s advertisement partners, which track the user’s activities and offer related advertisements. If these cookies are rejected, the user will likely be exposed to random advertisements, and will potentially not receive advertisements related to their activities. 


The Company does not provide, sell or share the information either directly collected from the users or provided by a third-party, to any of other third-party. 


(4) Cookie collection/publishment management 


Cookies, as seen from above, are published for the smooth MiriCanvas service and advertisement, etc., which may be opted out to block such publishment. 

Cookies directly collected by the Company may be managed with the cookie settings on MiriCanvas webpage, and targeting cookies may be changed/set in the below third-party’s website respectively.

Please note that any changes made to your cookie settings, such as accepting or denying cookie collection/publishment, will take effect upon your next connection.


Criteo: Disable Criteo services on Internet browsers | KR - Criteo.com

Disable Criteo services on mobile applications | KR - Criteo.com

Daum: Kakao Personalized Advertising (daum.net)

DoubleClick: https://adssettings.google.com/anonymous?hl=ko

Facebook: Managing your Facebook ads | Facebook Customer Center

Widerplanet:Privacy Statement (widerplanet.com)

Linkedin: Ads unsubscribe (linkedin.com)

Google: https://adssettings.google.com/anonymous?hl=ko

Google Analytics: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on Download Page 

Hotjar: Hotjar - Do Not Track

Naver: If you wish to disable Naver Login connection service, you can first sign in, click on “Naver ID” (PC), user’s Naver nickname (mobile app), then choose ‘service consent revocation’ within the ‘connected service management’ item on the ‘history management’ page. 


4. Cookie policy change notification 


The Company may change its cookie policy, which will be notified to the members by notice at least seven (7) days prior to the implementation of the changes.



This Policy is implemented starting on February 22nd, 2023.

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