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Prevent audio copyright warnings on YouTube uploads

All audio elements provided by MiriCanvas are available in compliance with the MiriCanvas license agreement.

However, if you upload a video on YouTube that uses audio that is not authorized to use copyright, you can receive a copyright warning.

If a copyright warning occurs, it means you have not obtained permission to use the copyrighted material in the video uploaded to YouTube.

Here are some ways to prevent YouTube copyright warnings!


💡Please read it!

    • You can link one channel link to one account.
    • You must upload your video within 30 days of the date you registered your YouTube channel link.
    • If you uploaded a video to a linked channel link, the copyright issue will not occur permanently.
    • If you want to change the channel link, please connect and download the YouTube channel link again.
    • It is not possible to connect to YouTube channel links for directly uploaded audio.



✔️ Prevent YouTube copyright warnings

1. When using the audio provided by MiriCanvas and downloading to MP4, click on the 'YouTube Copyright policy' item in the download pop-up window.


2. Enter the YouTube channel link to upload, and click the Connect button to connect.

If you download MP4 after that, you can prevent copyright warnings.


💡How to check YouTube channel link

step 1

1. Select your YouTube profile [View your channel]

step 2

2. Copy channel link

step 3

3. Paste into the channel link field



✔️ Solving YouTube copyright warnings

What if a copyright warning occurs for a downloaded video without linking to the YouTube channel?

You can download the same design again from MiriCanvas, at this time! You need to proceed with the YouTube channel link.

If you proceed with the above method, the YouTube copyright warning will disappear within up to 7 days.



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