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Audio Element Use Guide

Use audio elements offered by MiriCanvas to add background music to your designs.

Audio elements can be used as follows:



🔊 Adding Audio


1. Check the audio list from the [Audio] menu on the left side of the editor.


2. Click on an audio clip from the list to import it.

Click on a thumbnail (audio image) to preview the audio.


Please Read!

✔️ Only one audio element can be used with each design document.

✔️ Selecting a different audio element when one is already in use replaces the original element with the newly selected one.


3. Selected audio element appears on the bottom of the editor.



🎶 Changing Audio Attributes


Select an audio element from the list or click on the audio at the bottom of the editor to open the attributes page.

From the attributes page, you can adjust the playback section and volume and delete the audio element.



🎧 Confirming Audio


Audio elements that have been added using the above method can be confirmed from shared viewer and slide show.

Shared viewer and slide show are muted when launched for the first time. Remember to disable mute.

※ Slide show can be launched from the [File] menu at the top of the editor or the More (····) menu at the top right.


⊙ Shared Viewer: Mute button at top right

⊙ Slide Show: Mute button at bottom right

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